We are currently taking interest in creating a forum for this site for owners to discuss various topics surrounding the Subaru BRAT.  If you would like to see us implement a forum please send us a message on our Contact page.  In the meantime though here are a couple other resources you can use for reaching out to BRAT owners.



This is an owner site with great personal information about repairs, mods and other details.  It also contains outlinks to Yahoo groups and forums surrounding the Subaru BRAT.


ScoobyTruck.com is an old school bulletin board style forum that contains topics on both the Subaru Baja and BRAT.


For now also feel free to leave any discussions or comments below…


  1. I have a 1984 turbo and have read that 300 to 400 were made. Does anyone know if this is correct and how many might be left. Is their collectibility higher and what value on a non molested, rust free car with rear seats and belts?

  2. I am not sure how many were made. I have a bunch of parts from that era I picked up last summer including a complete EA-81T engine, harness and computer. Not sure what to do with them quite yet. I have never seen an ad for a running turbo brat in complete form, so I’m going to guess what you have is worth a pretty penny. I have seen N/A brats in really nice condition go for 9k before.

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